ana-lee is the workings of Jennifer Quinn. Named after her role model, her grandmother.

A Degree in Visual Communications followed by a FETAC in Costume & Make up for Film and Television and more recently a Diploma from London School of Barbering has culminated in quite a large body of work and a rather diverse set of skills. [not in the 'taken' sense of the word but I'm getting there]

Worked on various projects from short films, television series, television shows [they're different from series so I've been told] music tours, music videos, online advertisements, television commercials, television stings, nationwide campaigns, launches of everything and anything, corporate events, festivals, red carpet, editorial photoshoots, fashion shoots, runway, personality, weddings, yup think that pretty much covers it.

Clients range from big to small, square to round, global to local, short to tall, corporate to casual, loud to quiet, funny to serious, you get the point. But always, always nice and friendly.

Continuously looking to find like minded people to work alongside. Not looking to change the world one photoshoot at a time or anything but that’s a nice idea.

Try writing a blurb about yourself that doesn’t read like an online dating profile. You can’t.